COVID-19 Precautions for 2020 General Election

Due to COVID-19, all 2020 General Election voters are encouraged to cast a ballot prior to Election Day, either by mail or during early voting. Voting by mail is an easy option for voters and you can request a vote by mail ballot through email, mail, or in person. Polling places will be open following the health guidelines mandated by state law and assuming enough judges work. Early voting is also required to follow these guidelines.

  • Masks – Voters will not be required to wear a mask when voting, though they will be encouraged to do so. Masks will be available for any voter who needs one and they are welcome to bring their own.Election judges, poll workers, and all others in the polling place will be required to wear a mask. Masks will be provided to those who need one or they are welcome to bring their own.
  • Social Distancing – Voting booths must be six feet apart. Judges will be stationed six feet apart while working and voters waiting to check-in, vote, or put their ballot in the machine will remain six feet apart as well.
  • Pens and Secrecy Sleeves – Each voter will be given their own pen for those filling out paper ballots or a pen with a stylus at the end for those printing out their ballot on a touchscreen. Each voter will be given legal size file folder to use as a secrecy sleeve that will be thrown away after their use. This will avoid sharing items among voters.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Multiple bottles of hand sanitizer will be provided to each precinct, with some strictly for election judges and some for the voters.
  • Plexiglass Shields – Each precinct will be given two plexiglass shields that set on tables to go between voters and judges while they are checking in.
  • Cleaning Throughout the Day – Each polling place will have at least one staff who will handle the cleaning of the polling place throughout the day.