Precinct Redistricting

Most townships have not had their precinct lines changed since 1976 when the County’s precinct lines were initially drawn.

Things have changed in the last forty years and it seems like time some of these precinct lines change as well. The County Board is considering changing precinct lines in some townships. The current proposal, developed by County Clerk Pete Duncan, is outlined with maps below. It will lower the number of precincts in the County from 61 total to 50. There are a few reasons for this:

More fair to voters. Currently, there are major discrepancies in how many voters are in each precinct. Right now, Brighton 3 has 1,413 voters total in the precinct. Carlinville 4 however only has 162. It isn’t fair to voters in Brighton 3 to potentially have 1,412 other voters that need to vote at the precinct while Carlinville 4 voters only have 161 other voters to deal with. This proposal will help equal out those discrepancies.

More efficient for everyone. Each precinct is entitled to 5 Election judges to work the polls. There would be 305 judges working on Election Day if every precinct had all five spots filled. It has been nearly a decade since Macoupin even came close to having 305 judges working. By consolidating precincts, the number of judges decreases considerably meaning it will be easier to have every precinct fully staffed and meaning it will take less time for everyone to vote, ballots to be counted and results to be released.

More cost effective for taxpayers. The cost of each precinct is about $1,000. By consolidating precincts to make things more fair for voters and more efficient for everyone, voting will also become more cost effective for taxpayers. This proposal will save $11,000 for each Election. This proposal will also help cut down future costs by allowing the tabulators used to count ballots that are no longer going out to a precinct to be kept as backups for machines that may break or need replacing. Instead of having to spent a significant amount of money buying even a refurbished machine, Macoupin can now just use our backups.

The County Board will be voting on this proposal at the June Board meeting. They are currently looking for comments from voters. Take a look at the changes below and if you have comments for the Board, email or call (217) 854-3214 ext 708.

Proposed Changes

Current Brighton 1 Proposed Brighton 1
Current Brighton 2 Proposed Brighton 2
Current Brighton 3 Proposed Brighton 3
Currently part of Brighton 3 Proposed Brighton 4
Current Cahokia 1 Proposed Cahokia 1
Current Cahokia 2 Proposed Cahokia 2
Current Cahokia 3 Proposed Cahokia 3
Current Cahokia 4 Consolidated with Cahokia 3
Current Cahokia 5 Renamed Cahokia 1
Current Carlinville 1 Proposed Carlinville 1
Current Carlinville 2 Proposed Carlinville 2
Current Carlinville 3 Proposed Carlinville 3
Current Carlinville 4 Proposed Carlinville 4
Current Carlinville 5 Proposed Carlinville 5
Current Carlinville 6 Renamed Carlinville 4
Current Gillespie 1 Proposed Gillespie 1
Current Gillespie 2 Proposed Gillespie 2
Current Gillespie 3 Proposed Gillespie 3
Current Gillespie 4 Consolidated with Gillespie 3 and 6
Current Gillespie 5 Renamed Gillespie 2
Current Gillespie 6 Consolidated with Gillespie 3 and 4
Current Mt. Olive 1 Proposed Mt. Olive 1
Current Mt. Olive 2 Proposed Mt. Olive 2
Current Mt. Olive 3 Proposed Mt. Olive 3
Current Mt. Olive 4 Consolidated with Mt. Olive 3
Current Mt. Olive 5 Consolidated with Mt. Olive 1
Current Mt. Olive 6 Consolidated with Mt. Olive 2
Current Nilwood 1 Proposed Nilwood
Current Nilwood 2 Consolidated with Nilwood 1
Current Shipman 1 Proposed Shipman
Current Shipman 2 Consolidated with Shipman 1 and 3
Current Shipman 3 Consolidated with Shipman 1 and 2